Design and Experiment of Dual-Manipulator Cooperation and Implementing for Robotic Harvesting Bottled Flammulina Velutipes

  • Wenshuo Gao, Weidong Song, Mingyou Wang, Jiaoling Wang, Dehuan Zhou


The bottled Flammulina velutipes is harvested by manual work in most factories, which has impeded the profits and the efficiency with the population ageing boasting. Therefore, we developed a dual-manipulator harvesting robot for picking the bottled Flammulina velutipes based on pull-out harvesting method. The full factors test based on orthogonal table was conducted to obtain the data which can be analyzed by variance analysis, aiming to obtain the desired parameters of the harvesting robot when it was working. When the the speed of the ball screw table was 40mm/s, the inner material of the picking manipulator was silica gel, the incomplete gears rotated 56°, the gripping position was 8~15mm above the mouth of the bacteria bottle, and the circumference of the picking part was about 275~280mm, the robot can have a good performance on picking up the bottled mushroom. It provides a new method of harvesting the bottled mushroom and can promote the efficiency and automation of mushroom producing in factories.

Keywords-Bottled mushroom; picking robot; mechanical design; variance analysis