Blockchain based File Transfer Security in Crowd sourcing Framework

  • Dr. Madhu Viswanatham V., P. Chaitanya


In recent years many organizations are showing great interest and are also adopting crowdsourcing systems as these systems use human intelligence for solving difficult tasks. But there is a huge problem in existing systems i.e., they largely depend on central servers which are highly susceptible to single point of failure which is one of the major weaknesses of this traditional model. Other weaknesses of this model include vulnerability to Sybil attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks because of the involvement of malicious users. In addition to the above factors, huge service charge from the respective crowdsourcing platform can only suppress the growth and development of crowdsourcing. Addressing these major issues has a lot of research and tremendous value as well. In this paper, I am going to implement a decentralized framework (blockchain based) to achieve crowdsourcing where a task requested by the requester can be solved by the workers (anyone from the public) without any involvement from trusted third party which indeed guarantees user’s privacy and also only considerable amount of transaction fee is needed. And also, I presented a scheme which is built on the architecture proposed by me. I implemented the model using Ethereum network. Using the results, we can conclude that system is highly usable, feasible and scalable as well.