Image Processing of Handwritten Numerical Digits with the Graphical User Interface Tool

  • Dr. T. Venu Madhav, Diriba Chali


Character recognition involves the recognition of handwritten character patterns in digital images. Offline handwritten character recognition involvesthe recognition of handwritten character patterns in digitalimages. This is a challenging computational problem mainly dueto the vast differences associated with the handwritten patterns ofdifferent individuals. There are 3 constraints need to be considered here, they are: the real data were written with the same pen; the real data will be scanned into image data and then converted to GUI mode [6] with other software outside this project; program will read image data file instead of capturing with special device such as camera. Software is implemented in matlab. The design of image preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction will use fuzzy logic editor. The development of Fuzzy Logic system [4], Artificial Neural Network [3], Genetic Algorithm, etc. have helped human to program computer to decide something that imitate organism behavior, although in a very basic level. It needs not only digit recognizing, but also character. This project is limited to the digit only.