Study the Performance of Some Rare Earth Us UV Detector

  • Amjad H. Jassim, Abdulmajeed E. Al-samarai, Isam M. Ibrahim


This research includes ,the performanceof lanthanum and thorium us UV detector , this elements deposited on bases from porous silicon(PS) , PS prepared by etching the wafer silicon n and p types with etching time(10)min , current density (10-20) mA , and constant concentration (1:9) cohole  : HF , Us we know the morphology of surfaces be different. We observed this study that the roughness , Height PS  Layer, increasing with increasing etching current of silicon wafer,  and the results are agreement with [1,2,3]. On  the other hand we observed that the sensitivity increasing with increasing the etching current, and the responsivity  increasing with increasing the etching current in thorium, The shapes of carves in rise and fall time of detectors prepared from lanthanum be better than thorium carves.