Synthesis of Zns-Zno Inverted Core Shells

  • Yasmin. SD , Dr. S. Roji Marjorie , Dr. Merwyn Jasper D Reuben


— The synthesis of ZnS-ZnO inverted core shells is done by using zinc acetate(Zn(CHOO)2.H2O),
Sodium Sulphide(Na2S), Zinc nitrate(Zn(NO3) and Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH). Proportions were varied
and different size of inverted core shells are synthesized. The synthesized particles are doped in polymers
like Poly Carbonate and Acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene to study the difference in the characters. The optical
properties of the particles can be tuned by doping. These inverted core shells can be used as FETs and LEDs
in electronics. This have low toxity and biodegradability. Due to this property this can be used in biosensing
such as high catalic efficiency and strong adsorption capability