Investigation on Strength Properties of Geopolymer Matrix with Ambient Curing

  • S.Venkatachalam , V.P.Dharini , A.Dharani , D.Arumuga Ajy Adarsh


Cement production is the reason for the emission of 8% of total global CO2 emissions in the
world results in global warming. This necessitates for cement substitutes to lessen carbon emission. The
Geopolymer matrix has gained attention for the development of eco-friendly building material. In this
present study, the geopolymer matrix is prepared using by-products such as fly ash, red mud, and alkaline
activation solution made of alumino-silicates. Fly ash, coal combustion product forms aluminosilicate gel on
reaction with alkaline activators and acts as a binder. This study also aims to replace the fine aggregate by
red mud, alumina refinery residue. M-sand was replaced by up to 6%RM by weight. Moreover, the matrixes
were ambient cured and tested for both compression and flexural strength