Hardness and Tensile Behavior of Nano Boron Carbide Particulates Reinforced Al2214 Alloy Composites

  • Kumar G*, R Saravanan , Madeva Nagaral


The main aim of present work is to prepare, characterize, and evaluate Al2214-B4C composites
wherein nano B4C particles are used as reinforcement. These composites have been precisely evaluated for
various mechanical properties in order to study the effect of addition of nano B4C particles. In the current
study Al2214-B4C composites with varying weight percentages of nano B4C particles were prepared and
investigated to improve upon the properties of conventional aluminium alloy. Typical mechanical properties
such as hardness, ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, percentage elongation and compression strength of
nano B4C particulates reinforced Al2214 alloy composites are analysed during this research.