Design of a Remote Control of Home Automation using Android Studio

  • Dr. Ann Z. Ablahd, Bassam Fadel Mohammed


— the growing of technologies made life smooth and more comfortable. Home Automation is an
essential step in life for automating a different electrical instrument according to environment status. This
paper presents an automated technique can be applied in any building or organization (home, hotels or
hospitals, etc.) for controlling several devices remotely, by sending SMS messages to avoid touching the
buttons of the electronic devices in hotels or schools or any public places because of spreading corona virus.
Therefore, the aim of this research is designing a smart, easy-to-use, and secure home automation app in
smart phone and can be controlled too by a computer. The proposed system is maintainable and called as
remote control home automation (RCHA) app. Through developing the proposed system Arduino Uno,
GSM SIM900, Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, and Smartphone are used with Android Studio
(Ver3.1.0) application developer with Asiacell operator (Iraqi Telecommunications Company). In the
proposed system, the devices controlled by a smart mobile are a lamp, fan, split unit, refrigerator and it can
easily add other electronic devices. Finally, the proposed system will provide people a new smart style of
living according to environment status.