Fundamentals Of Creating The Algebra Science And Algorithms

  • М.М. Aripov , R.N. Normatov , I. M. Siddikov , U. Oripova


As far as we know, the founder of algebra and algorithms sciences is Al Khorezmi.
In his world famous book "Kitab al-jabrwa al-muqabala" algorithms for solving 6 different
types’ problems are presented. The most common algorithm in practice is the socio-economic
algorithm. The book bequest section sets out 60 tasks related to inheritance distribution [4].
When you become familiar with these problems, you will see that the algorithm problems
that were once considered difficult are described only in words, without any mathematical
symbols. Because at that time (IX century) signs +, -, /, = and other mathematical operations,
even decimal fractions, were not known