Proposed Dual Band Double Layer Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna for GPS Applications

  • Harith Ghanim Ayoub, Adulhameed Nabeel Hameed,Ahmed Jameel Abdulqader


This paper proposes a double layer high gain, dual-band Microstrip patch antenna to serve the applications of Global Positioning System (GPS) covering the operating frequencies of (1.227 and 1.575) GHz. The design has double layers with two truncated corners in the lower one. The proposed dimensions are as follows: lower and upper substrates as well as the lower ground are 120 mm2; upper ground is 82.5 mm2 while lower and upper patches are (55.2x55.2) mm2 and (94x94) mm2, respectively. For the lower band, the proposed design has achieved 40.6 MHz impedance bandwidth from 1.2051 GHz to 1.2457 GHz. While, operating in the upper band has achieved 16.7 MHz from 1.5666 to 1.5833 GHz. The maximum gain achieved is 8.04 dB in the lower band and 5.153 dB in the upper one. The simulation results which show low-profile characteristics qualify the proposed antenna design to serve GPS applications.