Nigerian Rituals in the Plays of Wole Soyinka

  • Dr.R.Ravindran, Mrs.S.Sinthu, Mrs.S.Seetha


Rituals are religious or ceremonial activities which are practised in a prescribed way. Rituals are symbols or important events pertaining to certain religion and culture. Rituals show the values of a religion and culture. These rituals have strong psychological connection with the society and people. These rituals generally give confidence and positivity to the people. Examining the rituals, one can understand the nature of a culture and its people. Things which are neglected by the people in the name of myth should be redeemed to its own position as it were in the ancient times. Culture which is considered as a system should be appreciated by its followers as it teaches them the way of life. So it is mandatory to research the rituals, which are considered as an important phenomenon in culture, for the betterment of the man and society. Each rituals carries its own values that to be transmitted to the forthcoming generations. Nigerian rituals have certain worshipping pattern which to be followed by the people. Nigerian rituals are best portrayed in the plays of Wole Soyinka, especially Yoruba ritual as he belongs to Yoruba ethnicity. Through his plays, he reiterates the Nigerian values which should be remembered for its goodness pertaining to the society.

Keywords: Culture, Rituals, Identity, Myth, Religion