Criminological Instruments through Characteristic Fingerprints Using Naïve Linear Search Method

  • Dr.K.V.Prasad , B.Padma Vijetha Dev , Dr.Sanjay Gandhi Gundabatini, Dr.Sanda Sri Harsha


Late improvement in interactive media preparing and organize advances has encouraged the conveyance and sharing sight and sound through systems. To expand the security requests of sight and sound substance, customary picture content insurance plans utilize outward methodologies, for example, watermarking or fingerprinting. In any case, under numerous conditions, extraneous substance assurance is unimaginable. To take care of these issues criminological instruments through characteristic fingerprints are created. Source coding is a typical advance of common picture securing. To center the advanced picture source coder legal sciences by means of inborn fingerprints, the one of a kind inherent unique mark of numerous well known picture source encoders are taken as the proof for security. In view of the inherent unique finger impression of picture source coder, criminological finder recognizes which source encoder is connected, what the coding parameters are, alongside certainty proportions of the outcome. Subsequently the picture will be verified.

Keywords: Multimedia processing, network technologies, image acquisition, water marking.