Research on College English Teaching Mode under Computer Technology Environment

  • Changhui Zhen, Kun Hu


The integration of computer technology and subject courses is mainly to use computer technology as a tool, organically combine computer technology with subject teaching through subject courses, integrate computer technology with subject teaching, and improve teaching efficiency and teaching effect by changing the traditional teaching mode. In the Internet age, it is necessary to deepen the reform of college English courses in order to adapt to the development trend of the times, master the characteristics of English teaching in the computer network environment, and continuously innovate and improve the teaching mode through the computer-assisted English teaching model. In college English teaching, we need to master the background of the computer network environment, and use this as an opportunity to continuously innovate and optimize our teaching mode. This article aims to use the dynamic perception of ecological education to find a new English teaching model for university students in the computer network environment, and to achieve the coordinated and sustainable development of foreign language education.