Transformation of Computer Remote Network Communication Technology under the Background of Big Data

  • Xu Yong


Driven by the era of big data, access to information resources is more convenient and efficient, which greatly promotes the formation of global information network. The transformation of computer remote network communication technology under the background of big data is researched in this paper. Computer remote network communication technology has become an important way of information transmission and communication means. With the advent of the era of big data, all kinds of information is increasing, which makes data flooding. The traditional computer remote network communication technology can not meet the needs of effective and high-speed information transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to reform and innovate the computer remote network communication technology, and ensure the communication quality through more stable and advanced computer remote network communication technology. This paper also proposes a remote wireless network communication control module. The module can process a series of voice files in the voice folder, and the processed voice files are transferred to the user's hands to realize the remote voice communication control of the user's equipment. The experimental results show that the designed system has high control efficiency and control accuracy, and the overall control quality is high.