A Prospection for Color Image Quantization by different Artificial Based Algorithms


  • Mohammed A. Reda, Fatima B. Ibrahim


 For many computer and communications applications, colour quantization(CQ) is one of the significant preprocessing phases. Colour image quantization(CQ) is the approach that minimizes the size of the image, decreases the colour space of that image while maintaining the visual quality of that image, which makes it effective for storage as well as for communication. Two measures are involved in image colour quantization. The first phase is to create a selection of representative colours such that a color palette can be achieved. The second pixel should be mapped to one color of each image in the color palette(CP). This paper presents a literature review of basic Color image quantization techniques from the last five years. Recent research in each of the Color image quantization technique is presented in this paper.

Keywords-: Color quantization; Bee colony; k-means; Image compression; Artificial Ant Algorithm; Swarm Algorithms