Improved Data Integrity in Cloud Serverless Environment Using Filter Based Approach

  • A. Arulprakash, Dr. K.SampathKumar


Serverless computing is an extension or an execution model of cloud, where the server is driven by the cloud provider. It manages dynamically the resource allocation of virtual machines (VMs). It acts explicitly based on the functions, which acts as a deployment unit and considered critical during the isolation of functions from various user. It is hence necessary to protocol the private data while outsourcing to the external providers, since it is considered confidential. In this paper, we propose a novel solution using the encrypted Fuzzy Logic filter using to address the problem of integrity and confidentiality associated with serverless computing with proper authorization of the user in the serverless computing. This is carried out in order to detecting the unauthorized entry to gain access on outsourced data. The study also aims at reducing the storage and network overhead associated with serverless overload. The simulation is conducted to validate the performance of the proposed filter-based security model. The results show an improved data integrity to the serverless users than existing benchmark methods.

Keywords - Filter based security, Serverless Computing, Function-as-a-Service, Virtual machines