Modelling of MSVPWM for Single Phase H-bridge Five-level Inverter with PV and FPGA Implementation

  • S. Senthil Kumar, S.Rajarajacholan, M.Margabandhu


Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation is proposed with modification in its relational part so as to produce AC output in the five levels single phase cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter (SPCHMI) with triangular carrier signal. The inverter operates with the solar power that is stored in a battery. The adaptation in the enriched state vector pulse width intonation leads to proper switching of IGBTs which produces the five level alternating current output for the solar power. This anticipated modulation scheme makes the switching loss and harmonics considerably less than that of the remaining. The MSVPWM circuit is intended and replicated with Xilinx system generator toolbox of MATLAB/SIMULINK and integrated with the Solar Panel and battery designed with simscape library in MATLAB R2013a/SIMULINK. The MSVPWM circuit is then converted to VHDL file which is implemented in Xilinx ISE tool and the parameters are analyzed and found better than that of the remaining circuit.

Keywords: Multilevel Inverter; SVPWM; IGBT; System Generator; FPGA; Switching Loss; Solar PV; Photo voltaic;