Development of an Ultimate People Helping Set-up with Android Application and Cargo Drone

  • Saumyadeep Bhattacharyya, Romik Halder, Arpan Mondal


The aim and scope of this project is to map the people in need during disasters and help them with cargo drones and an android app to discuss various technologies associated with drones along with the app which can be updated in future with AI voice recognition and thermal scanning to help the human in need during disaster .The project provides an overview of current drone technologies and application of what to expect in near future. Our project deals with the objective of providing people with necessities who are in crisis be it in any life situations like floods , global pandemic (like covid) and giving them sufficient amount of help needed during disasters incase physical availability of humans is not possible.

Keywords-Cargo Drone, Drone, Disaster Response , Helping set-up.