Development of a Constructivism-Based Statistics Module for Class VIII Junior High School Students

  • Jitu Halomoan Lumbantoruan, Stevi Natalia


This study aims to produce a constructivist-based statistics module product. The Statistics module development is carried out to help overcome students' understanding of the concepts of Statistics. This research uses the Research and Development (R&D) research method, which refers to Robert Maribe Branch's development. The module products to be made are discussed with junior high school teachers and validated by validating material experts, learning experts, and Class VIII junior high school teachers. The validated module products were tested on a small scale with a sample of 6 people, and the statistics module was tested on a large scale with 16 students and 26 students who responded to the module. The data collection technique used was a questionnaire for needs analysis, validation of material experts, learning experts, teachers, and student responses to the statistics module. The material expert gave an assessment score of 73.23 with good interaction, knowing experts and teachers 93.33 with excellent conversations, small-scale trials 85.71 with outstandingbusinesses, and large-scale trials 81.81. good. The statistics module's effectiveness can be seen from the tests given before using the module and after using the module. The pre-test scores were with a mean of 23.12 and the post-test mean values ​​of 96.25. The mean difference between before using and after using it has a mean range of 75.13. The validation of material experts, learning experts, teachers, small and large scale trials, and student responses and test results shows that the constructivist-based statistics module is feasible, practical, and useful.