A Machine Le¬¬arning Approach for Analyzing Medical Data’sto Detect Patients Disease and for Recommending Appropriate Drugs

  • Dr. Sivamani Chinnaswamy, Ms.Aswiga.R.V, Dr. Rajeswari Manickam,Dr. Vijikala V


Machine learning is the prominent field which is widely used to provide solutions for real world medical problems. Most of the researchers have turned their attention towards advanced deep learning techniques for solving problems that are related to medical domain and bring fruitful results. In machine learning, clustering technique is most widely used for medical data analysis and to identify the outliers. Thus developing a combined and enhanced machine learning method for disease identification and drug prediction is much essential in medical domain.In this paper, a disease diagnosis system is proposed that uses machine learning technique to identify the disease and automatically predicts a suitable drug that assists professionals to find and select the medicines. This collective frame work first identifies the diseases and then predicts suitable drugs simultaneously. The result of our proposed approach is efficient and compared with other state of the art methods.