Examination of Predesigned Multilevel Inverter Using Different PWM Techniques

  • D Karthikeyan*, Shailesh Tiwari , Upasana Kundu , Eva Jaiswal , Vipul Kumar Tirkey , K.Vijayakumar


In this paper, analysis of predesigned seven-level inverterhas been proposed. The circuit of multilevel inverter has
been designed earlier but we are going to do analysis using various PWM technique like NLM (Nearest Level
Modulation Technique), POD (Phase Opposition Disposition), PD (Phase Disposition)and APOD (Alternate Phase
Opposition Disposition) methods using MATLAB to get the best result. This topology is capable to produce multiple
output voltage levels and it offers minimal voltage and current total harmonic distortion (THD) which will lower the
quantity of power electronic devices such as switches and dc voltage sources, power diodes and driver circuits that
will help in the reduction of the cost of inverter and the installation space of the inverter. The predesigned inverter is
simulated using MATLAB SIMULINK and it is verified with a laboratory based experimental setup.Multilevel
inverter plays a very important role in the area of solar energy conversion from DC power to AC power. In this
paper, comparison of various pulse width modulation techniques has been provided for a 7-level topology. The
proposed topology presents seven-levels of voltage and reduced harmonic distortions and improved Vrms values. In
order to verify whether its efficiency as well as feasibility, the results obtained after simulation have been
implemented on the hardware. The simulation of this inverter is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.