Maximum Hosting Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources in Radial Distribution Networks

  • Salah Kamel, Abdel-Raheem Youssef, Asmaa H. Ali, A. A. Ibrahim


This paper suggests a method to maximize the amount of renewable energy resources RES in radial distribution system RDS. The amount of active power and reactive power injected into RDS is called hosting capacity (HC). With the increasing share of RES into radial distribution RDS, the load voltage improve and the power losses in RDS decrease. However, the integration of RES into the RDS is facing a new challenge. On the other hand, the power injection from RES into RDS may increase the bus voltage above the standard limit, increase the thermal limit and increase the power losses. This study introduces a simple method to determine the maximum HC in RDS. The proposed algorithm used for finding the maximum HC for Photovoltaic (PV)  on IEEE 33 bus test at nominal load system depends on the overvoltage on each bus and overcurrent on feeders.