Analysis of Thermal Behavior of a Thermosensitive FG Plate

  • V. B. Srinivas, V. R. Manthena, G. D. Kedar


The present investigation deals with the study of temperature and thermal profile of a functionally graded (FG) rectangular plate using thermosensitive material properties and internal heat source. The material properties are graded along x-direction in accordance with exponential law functions. Kirchhoff’s transformation and integral transform methodology is used to solve the heat conduction equation. The plane stress and strain have been obtained using displacement and harmonic functions. The temperature distribution and stresses have been obtained for temperature independent as well as dependent material. A mathematical model is prepared for a FG composite material of ceramic and metal and numerical computations are performed.

Keywords - Functionally graded rectangular plate, Heat conduction, Plane stress, Plane strain, Heat generation.