Visual Communication Design Based on Artificial Intelligence under the Digital Media Art Environment

  • Yanfei Liu, Bing Song


with the development of society, people are constantly inventing new technologies and finding new information communication media. In the current information-based society, digital technology has given birth to new communication media and art forms. As a newly-developed art class, digital media art has influence on traditional artistic design fields, people’s way of life and their aesthetic ideas. In the context of digital media art, to gain new vitality in visual communication design, there should be a qualitative leap on the aspect of the way of creation, the technique of expression and the nature of propagation, etc., thus realizing a perfect integration of inheritance and innovation. Therefore, we can conclude that the function of digital media during the development process of visual communication design is to better express the ideas and characteristics of works through dynamic pictures and to convert audiences into a part of the design flow, finally realizing a design mode of “the unification of people and paintings”. Visual communication design is no longer limited to the works themselves, instead, audiences of the works will be intelligently applied as one of the design elements.