Millimeter Wave Band Antenna For 5g Applications Using Defected Ground Structure

  • Dr. M. Ranga Rao, Dr. Mukil Alagirisamy


A low profile millimeter wave band antenna using defected ground structure at 3.5GHz for 5G applications proposed in this paper. Flame retardant epoxy glass material with relative permittivity of 4.4 and loss tangent 0.02 is chosen for design criteria, which is cost effective. Main radiating patch is simply rectangular and is made up of copper material. Main focus in this work is this antenna suite for 5G enhanced applications by modifying ground models. This proposed antenna size is 26mm x 40mm x 1.6mm.Various parameters like S-parameters, 3D gain, directivity plots and radiation pattern are observed. The proposed antenna have S11 ~ -32dB, VSWR = 1.04, gain ~ 2.7dBi and its radiation efficiency is 93.2%. The simulated and measured characteristics are in good agreement with proper matching conditions.