Research on Supplier Efficiency Evaluation of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises from the Perspective of Classification Management

  • SHI Li, YANG Shan-lin, CHEN Cheng, Yin Zheng-Sheng


Supplier efficiency evaluation is very important for the development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises. This paper first defines the suppliers according to TrueSRM model, and then constructs the supplier classification and evaluation index system of intelligent manufacturing enterprises based on the principles of supplier evaluation index system construction, combined with the existing literature on supplier evaluation index system and the characteristics of intelligent manufacturing enterprise suppliers. On the basis of traditional BP neural network, combined with improved PSO algorithm, and on the basis of supplier evaluation index system, a supplier efficiency evaluation model of DPMPSO-BP neural network for intelligent manufacturing enterprises is constructed. Through the collected sample data, the network is trained and simulated, and the results are analyzed. The result of case study shows that this method is practical for supplier efficiency evaluation.