Survey on Channel Equalization in Wireless sensor Networks with Bio-inspired Algorithms

  • Annapurna H. S, Dr. A. Rijuvana Begum


Based on the present environmental conditions, sensors are measured to be one of the most critical assets in Channel Equalization. These sensors generate the worst impact on human life owing to its most hazardous and destructive nature. Those systems which precisely intend for sensor Channel Equalization networks and to examine necessary input parameters include soil moisture, air pressure, and direction of wind, humidity and rainfall. The sustaining consequence of a particular kind of Channel Equalizations is an important public health issue, specifically for determining the positive support needed by the victims. One such relevant factor in evaluating the psychological consequences remains the assessment of individual Channel Equalization related experiences. This research work presents a review on sensor analysis and sensor prediction with the aid of machine learning techniques. Different researchers all over the network had performed numerous analyses on sensor networks networks. The proposed study is also very helpful in forecasting the upcoming Channel Equalizations and to take obligatory actions in critical scenarios