Studies of tri-urea oxalic acid crystals grown by aqueous solution growth technique

  • S. Vasumathi , H.Johnson Jeyakumar , P.Selvarajan


Single crystals of tri-urea oxalic acid (TUOA) were grown by solution method. Single crystal XRD study indicates that the sample crystallizes in monoclinic structure. The mechanical parameters like hardness, depth of indentation and work hardening coefficient of the crystal were determined by using the Vickers hardness tester. UV-visible spectral studies were carried out to determine the various linear optical parameters like absorbance, transmittance, absorption coefficient, reflectance, optical band gap. Second harmonic generation (SHG) efficiency of the grown crystal was measured. The values of dielectric constant, dielectric loss and laser damage threshold (LDT) have been  determined for TUOA crystal. The obtained results were analyzed and discussed in this paper.