Trends of Virtual Technology in the Education System of India

  • Mrs. Puja Sorong, Sandip Sutradhar


Virtual technology has pertained in several areas such as medication, business, academy, computer games, or touristy. Probably it is the largest sector of attention which has been evolved recreation and fun. This paper deals with the study of various technologies in the field of education particularly in India. The researcher has also tried to study various benefits and limitations of using virtual technologies in the field of education. However the area, the overture of virtual reality had various limitations such as costly, it had inadequate ergonomics, or suggested extremely ample endeavor to produce quantities. Modern technological inventions, comprising the immediate adoption of smart-phones by the people, have stimulated entry to the virtual reality of anyone. Moreover, various big corporations have improved their enterprise to make these technologies to enhance their accessibility within the coming few years. Educational organizations will profit from reasonable accessibility to virtual technologies; this will stimulate it apparent to instruct in virtual settings that are unthinkable to imagine in a face to face classrooms, like accessing virtual laboratories, picturing devices, industrial, or even medical scenarios.