Parametric Analysis of Diesel Locomotives with Field Data

  • Govindarajulu Eedara, Pradeep Chand Kopila


System performance will depend on the reliability of its subsystems, maintenance efficiency, and operating conditions. Frequent failure occurs if the size and complexity of the systems increases and the effect of these failures on system performance are critical. Therefore, reliability and maintainability analysis is required to identify the bottlenecks in the system fordesigned reliability and maintainability. Aparametric analysis has been presented in this paper and it is applied to high power diesel locomotives in railways. The best fit for the time between failures (TBF) of subsystems is identified with Anderson-Darling (A-D) values and the respective parameters are calculated. The reliability and maintainability of each subsystem at different time values are estimated. Results show that the engine and traction subsystems are critical in reliability point of view and the traction and electrical subsystems are critical in maintainability point of view. Optimum maintenance intervals for each subsystem have been determined for the desired reliability and maintainability values.

Keywords: Reliability; Time between failure; Time to repair; Diesel Locomotive; Maintainability