The Application of Stem in Education Management for Employment (Career Academies) In Thailand

  • Annop Phothisuk, Montien Chomdokmai, Wilailak Tangcharoen Arunee Srisan, Dario Abdullah Mando


This research aimed to study management of education for employment and application of STEM in education management for employment in Thailand. This research is a qualitative research. The sample group consisted of 3 groups: experts in basic education management at the secondary level, expertsin manpower production management, and group of successful workerswho did not have a bachelor's degree. The sampling size was 106 samples. All 3 groups of experts must have knowledge and / or apply STEM in the management of education or in the workplace. The researcher conducted the study through in-depth interviews. And analyzing the results with content analysis technique. The research was found that 1) In the past, educational management for employment focused on employment of skilled labor after graduating with a bachelor's degree. Some of them focused on having a job at the semi-skilled level after graduation from vocational education (another 2 years) after secondary education.As for having a job in the future, there have been completely different perspectives. That are, secondary school graduates needed to discover their ownneeds, to gain more work experiences, and to have income as soon as possible after graduation.After working for some period of time, they will seek more advanced knowledge or continue studying at the bachelor's degree level in order to have further successes in their working. 2) Application of STEM in education management for employment in Thailand is the way to increase their skills to find out their needs or to apply STEM to increase their working skills successfully. Guidelines for the application of STEM in educational management can be done in both developmental dimensions:  during secondary education and additional experience trainings upon completion of secondary school in a short course manner according to aptitudeand interest.