Utilization of Visualization Technology (AR/VR) for BIM

  • Ruoyao Zhuo


Main goal was to investigate the challenges that face the implementation and visualization of virtual reality in BIM, besides, coming up strategies to solve the challenges. To appreciate the role of visualization techniques such as augmented and virtual reality play in BIM. The paper sought to review what constitutes BIM, and how the new technology has shaped the Architectural Engineering and Construction industry. One other important task was also to get a preview of what constitutes virtual reality and augmented reality technology, inclusive of both the hardware and software resources they need for their operation. By solving graphic related, hardware, data collection, data storing, and management issues, the researcher was able to pinpoint recommendations which if implemented, will significantly address the challenges facing Virtual reality implementation in Building Information Modelling (BIM). This study leveraged on literature review as its methodology. A total of 31 academic journals with a concentration on how virtual and augmented reality are used in BIM as visualization tools were reviewed and the analysed data was able to highlight the meaning of BIM technology, its impact on the dynamic construction industry.