Effect of Carbon Content on Microstructure and Properties of Gradient Structure Hard Fe-WC Alloy

  • Lin Hong, Zhang Junli


In this paper, Fe-WC Cemented Carbides with different carbon contents were prepared by pre sintering and carburizing. In this paper, the relationship between the morphology and content of η mutually of the alloy before carburizing and the carbon content in the alloy has been studied.. In this paper, the effects of carburizing temperature and carbon content on the formation of gradient structure of gradient cemented carbide are discussed, and the mechanism of gradient formation of gradient cemented carbide is also discussed. The results show that the initial carbon content and carburizing temperature are the main parameters affecting the gradient structure. Under the same conditions, the higher the initial carbon content, the more obvious the gradient structure and the greater the thickness. The higher the carburizing temperature is, the less obvious the gradient structure is. It is found that the effect of the above parameters on the gradient structure is mainly the diffusion of carbon atoms and the flow of liquid phase., The corresponding carbon content of two-phase normal tissues ranges from 5.41% to 5.55%.

Keywords-hard Fe-WC alloy; carbon content; micro-structure; gradient structure