Politicization of Placement of Structural officers and Its Impacts on Performance of State Civil apparatuses

  • Agianto, Hasanuddin Bua, Bakhtiar, Eka Syuaib


This research aims to find out, comprehend, and describe politicization of placement of structural officers and the politicization impacts on performance of structural officers taken by Regional Government of South Konawe Regency. Results of the research show that placement of echelon II and echelons III structural officers taken formally has referred to impersonal, openness, seniority in rank, age education and experience factors which have been mandated by the regulation system in force. However in its implementation, it is not fully implemented, there are still a number of violations caused by a gap which enables decision makers to make use its chances by deciding placement of work based on their interest and agenda, which is not in line with the predetermined provisions of the organizations. Politicization and violations can be seen from intervention of interest such as kinship and political relations

Keywords-politicization, placement of structural officers, performance of employess