Kinematic Analysis of 3RRR Planar Parallel Manipulator by Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)

  • Shaik Himam Saheb, G. Satish Babu


In this research paper the modeling and analysis of 3RRR parallel kinematic machine is considered, the parallel manipulator having fixed and moving platform, the moving platform is connected to fixed platform with the serial linkages the end effector is generally used as end effector, In this analysis the revolute joints are considered and from the researchers the prismatic joints have high frictional losses compared to revolute joints, for this reason the revolute is selected for analysis. Three serial revolute joints are connected between moving and stationary platform, after mathematical modeling Jacobian matrix is formulated, and then the equations are solved with computational software, with the results data and the epochs are generated and solved with ANFIS techniques and the results are compared.Performance indices measurement is useful to the manipulator design, analysis, understanding and application of robotic manipulators to specific fields. Different performance indices have been used to Study the behavior of robotic manipulators from the inception of robots. In this work five different performance indices are used. This work is useful to clear understanding of 3RRR Planar Parallel Manipulators.