New Survey on Cyberstalking Victimization Using Routine Activities and Lifestyle Exposure Theories

  • Waheeb. Abu-Ulbeh, Eesa ALsolami


Cyberstalking is one of several forms of cybercrime that describes a modern form of action where one or more people are targeted by technology. The goal of this study is to design and validate a method to investigate the prevalence of cyberstalking victimization and to increase awareness of risk ownership. There were two fields of criminological thought, Routine Activities and Lifestyle Exposure Theories [LRAT]. Finally, the survey is copyrighted with: “SURVEY ON CYBERSTALKING VICTIMIZATION”< 2015 > Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – All Rights Reserved. The designed questionnaire will assist the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, residents, low-makers, and others to make a real evaluation of this phenomenon and to test it generally in all societies.

Keywords- Cybercrime, Cyberstalking, Cyberspace, Lifestyle Exposure Theory, Routine Activities Theory [RAT]..