Sanskrit – A Source of Computer Technology

  • K. Meena Rani, Dr. C. Kameswari, V. Lakshmi


Sanskrit, an ancient language known as ‘Deva Bhasha’, ‘Veda Bhasha’ and ‘Janani Bhasha’ is proved to be the language of computer technology. It is also observed that Sanskrit has proved its prominent position in the millennial world. The roots of Sanskrit have spread widely in many areas including technological aspect.  Programming languages like, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, C, C++ and JAVA are evaluated from the same. Various techniques used from ‘Market to Rocket Science’ evolve around Sanskrit. Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robot Science etc. are derived from ‘MaheshwaraSutrams’ of Sanskrit. It is a moment of pride to recollect that Zero and Binary system which were considered as great accomplishments are invented in Sanskrit initially, but a thousand years before the west re-invented them.The present generation is trying to understand its value at its best. This research paper focuses on the various aspects of technology evaluated from Sanskrit by using quantitative methodology.