The Integration of Learning Japanese Writing and Character Education of Students at Japan Language Department of Language and Art Faculty of Manado State University

  • Jourike Jeane Runtuwarouw, Ruty Jacoba Kapoh


This research describes the learning of Japanese writing that can improve the ability to write at once to develop students' character. Character formation and academic ability in a learning process are done simultaneously. Research data were taken from various sources through several data collection techniques that are observation, interview, and test. Data is processed manually with the guiding principle of qualitative and quantitative methodology. The research finds some of the following through quality assurance of data quality (triangulation) and its process in strict interpretation. Through activities in learning to write, students gain knowledge, direct experience in writing, and show the learning process characterized by the change of character included cooperation, responsibility, independence, confidence, and creative. Learning writing is used as a vehicle for the implementation of character education so that students can achieve good achievement and character.