Communication Technology: Brand Ambassador on Purchasing Decision in Online Marketplace

  • Tamimi Zakirah, Irmawan Rahyadi


In this digital era, technology is essential. People tend to use digital technology to get online, such as using social media, social networks, and online platforms. One of the online platforms that people usually visit is a marketplace. The marketplace is an online platform that works as an intermediary where seller and buyer can do the transaction. Shopee is one of the biggest marketplaces in Indonesia. At the end of 2018, Shopee was working together with BLACKPINK as its brand ambassador. Shopee put online advertising with BLACKPINK as their messenger on various social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Every Korean idol group has a fan base called K-Pop fandom. BLACKPINK’s K-pop fandom name is BLINK. This article has two main focuses. The first focus is to find out how BLACKPINK as a brand ambassador could influence people to purchase on Shopee. The second focus is to find out how BLINK sees Shopee as a marketplace and how it affects their purchasing decision. The research method is quantitative. The sample of this research is BLINK who lives in Indonesia from age 16 to 24 and made a transaction in Shopee to get a 12.12 Birthday Sale ticket. There are 384 samples for this article. Data analysis was made by using Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) version 26. To test the hypothesis, this research uses validity test, reliability test, and correlation test. This research also use path analysis method to analyze the regression

Keywords-brand ambassador; consumer buying behavior; brand image; marketplace; purchasing decision;  social media