System Reliability Management of Multistate Generation Provider using a Hybrid Monte Carlo Simulation

  • R.Ithaya, P.Jagatheeswari


On the contrary often the reliability test is expensive, destructive system, making it a difficult to evaluate system reliability accurately. The reliability levelis an important problem which includes both electricity producers and electricity consumers. This technique proposes a new equivalent Multistate Generation Provider (MGP) besides conventional generators in the reliability evaluation. The parameters of the equivalent service providers are determined using reliability network equivalent techniques. When both the load and supply subject for change related to power system this technique significantly decreases the computation burden. For determining the maximum generation capacity which is delivered in each load points, load flow analysis is performed. The deliverable capacity is influenced by generation capacity in transmission line.Since Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) is performed and the Accelerated Contingency Analysis (ACA) is mainly used for further reduction in burdens for failure systems. To determine the load point reliability indices, the maximum deliverable capacity is used.In this work ETap environment is being preferred to perform reliability analysis. The comparison between the IEEE RTS and modified RTS-MCS is done for proposed reliability technique. The outcome of the system demonstrates that the CPU time for Loss of Load Frequency (LOLF) and Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) is reduced for simulation over 67 times.

Keywords-Multistate generation provider, Wind turbine generator, Reliability network equivalent techniques, Equivalent multistate generation provider, Equivalent load point, Reliability test system.