Tree Ordination Ceremony: Misconception of Social Studies Text books in Thailand

  • Chatthida Yukhong


The purpose of this study is to study ‘Misconception of Social Studies Textbooks in Thailand through the Study of Tree Ordination Ceremony.’ This is to reflect the complex dimensions of relationships in the tree ordination ceremony that are not only to protect and conserve nature, but they it is used as tools to create power and negotiation of relationships with different groups of people such as, people groups, clergy, or government agencies If teachers and schools create awareness and understanding for learners in various dimensions, it will be the basis for them to increase awareness and understanding of various phenomena. This study is based on a review of related documents from the deviation in social studies, along with the review of the concepts that are used as an important part in expanding the perspective under the tree ordination ceremony, namely Practices Concept, Semiotics Concept, and Power Concepts to reflect the flow of relationships under the tree ordination ceremony Social practices, signs, and power relationships in these phenomena. In addition, the flow of relations does not appear in a fixed manner, but can be adjusted according to the contextof conditions in each social area.

Keywords-Tree Ordination Ceremony;Misconception;Misconception of Social Studies;Social Studies