ICT Competency Profile of Students Teachers Education Program Based on ICT Competency Framework for Teacher (ICT-CFT)

  • Salmilah, Ismail Tolla, Suradi Tahmir


This study aims to determine the profile of students' ICT competency in teacher training programs at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training IAIN Palopo based on ICT Competency Framework For Teachers (ICT-CFT) issued by UNESCO. The research approach used in this study is a quantitative approach using descriptive analysis. Data collection using a questionnaire with 83 respondents consisting of 7 semester students of IAIN Palopo FTIK from 5 Study Programs. The results of the study indicate that the ICT competency of students of teacher training programs at IAIN Palopo based on ICT-CFT competency standards is still largely in the sufficient and lacking categories at the level of technological literacy, knowledge deepening and knowledge creation. The results of this research are expected to be taken into consideration by institutions as a basis for developing both curriculums related to ICT competencies, procurement of resources and supporting infrastructure that can improve ICT competency in teacher training programs especially in FTIK IAIN Palopo.

Keywords: ICT Competence, Teacher Study Program Students, ICT-CFT