Student Monitoring Model Using face Detection &Activity classification for smart classroom

  • Rahul kumar pandey, Dr Gyanesh Shrivastava, Ayaz Ahmed Faridi


Progressive changes made in smart learning have increased the learning capability of the students with the advancements in technology Attention  of  student in class room is  very   important for effective  learning process .if inattentive students  are detected  in  classroom teaching   then  the teacher  should  be able to take necessary step to avoid the situation in which  student  loss their attention in class . This paper mainly applies color model for face detection and propose a methodology   based on activity classification for tracking student attention and give the output data Initially, the images of the students in the classroom are captured through web cameras and other accessories placed in the smart class. Then, the acquired image is passed to the Capture, Transform, and Flow (CTF) tool for storing and transferring for further processing of images. The stored data in the warehouse is then processed to detect the face of the students.

Keywords: face detection, learning environment, activity classification, color model, image