Post Graduate Students’ Perception towards Tourism Entrepreneurship as a Career: A Study with Special Reference to Assam

  • Seema Rani Das, Ramanath Gorain


Assam being a hub of natural beauty and biodiversity along with its various culture, and age old traditional heritage make itself a best place for the tourists. And it directly or indirectly can help in economic development of the state with the help of establishing a strong tourism entrepreneurship. The present study centres on the Tourism Entrepreneurship as a career in Assam. The main purpose of the study is to access the level of perception of P.G. students towards tourism entrepreneurship as a career in Assam. For this study the researcher selected 160 samples (80 boys and 80 students) from four Universities of Assam i.e. Assam University, Dibrugarh University, Gauhati University and Tezpur University with the help of stratified random sampling method. For the collection of data a self - structured questionnaire was developed by the researcher on the Perception of the P.G. Students towards Tourism Entrepreneurship as a Career. The findings of the study show that the majority of the students have higher level of perception towards the tourism entrepreneurship as a career. Also it was found that the commerce students have more positive perception i.e. 64% than that of the arts students i.e. 36%. Also in case of gender, boy students have more positive perception i.e. 72% than that of the girl students i.e. 28%.
Keywords- P.G. students, perception, tourism entrepreneurship