Evaluating Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of friction stir welded AA6061 aluminum alloy joint

  • Ramandeep Singh Sidhu, Kanwaljit Singh


Steel components in automobile are replaced with light alloys like aluminum to increase energy efficiency and environment protection. So, light weight 6061 aluminum alloys join correctly with friction stir welding (FSW) and mechanical and microstructures properties were analyzed in current work.  Process parameters used for sound friction stir weld joint of 6061 aluminum alloys were at rotational speed 1200rpm and welding speed 24 mm/s. It is observed from microstructure analysis that four zones were developed that are stir zone, transition zone, heat affected zone and base material zone. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength and hardness were evaluated and decreasing trend were observed is observed in tensile strength, impact strength and hardness shows increasing trend.

Keywords:  6061 Aluminum alloy, Friction stir welding, Microhardenss, Tensile strength, Impact strength, Microstructure