Persistence, Adaptation, and Inheritance of Wisdom of Muang Kung Pottery, Chiang Mai

  • Kessaraporn Singkamanee, Asst Prof. Dr.Thongchai Phuwanatwichit, Asst Prof. Dr.Charin Mangkhang, Asst Prof. Dr. Atchara Sarobol


This article is intended to study the persistence, adaptation, and inheritance of wisdom identity in Muangkung pottery, Chiang Mai by using the qualitative research methodology to collect the data from in-depth interviews and non-participatory observation. The participants was community philosopher selected specifically to obtain data from 10 Muangkung workers who are immigrants settled in the area and still have a pottery career with surname Fakthong, Seup Kham Piang, Sri Jan, Seup Suriya, and Kawiroj. The data was analyzed using content analysis, and the study found that 1) the persistence consists of wisdom identity, history identity, and geographical indication identity. 2) the adaptation consists of   production techniques development, style consistency with modernity development, and trading development. 3) the inheritance consists of being in the family to other families, in one community to another communities, in community to global. In conclusion, Muangkung village community has the processes of inheriting and driving wisdom for persistence through pottery careers, and, social and cultural paths of the community, itself. There is knowledge transferred within the household and to other communities in the form of learning partners. In addition, the community also has a process of adapting the wisdom identity for the persistence of Muangkung pottery by developing product formats to meet the needs of economic and taste changing according to the era.

Keywords:Identity, Wisdom of Muang Kung pottery Chiang Mai, Persistence, Adaptation, Inheritance