Development of Fabrics for Special Clothing for Workers of the Automotive Industry taking into Account the Climatic Conditions of Uzbekistan

  • M. K. Rasulova, Sh. L. Mamasolieva


This article is dedicated to improving the hygienic properties of workwear for workers in the automotive industry in Uzbekistan. Workwear, which is usually given to workers, does not correspond to the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan or the conditions of workers’ work, and it causes legitimate complaints. Therefore, creating the optimal workwear for workers in the automotive industry by taking into account climatic conditions is an important task for scientists in the garment industry. The aim of this study is to develop optimal fabric for workers’ workwear in the automotive industry of Uzbekistan. To achieve this goal, special-purpose fabrics that have improved hygienic properties are developed, and their physical and mechanical properties are studied.

 Keywords: fabric for workwear, hygroscopicity, breathability, vapor permeability, moisture absorption, cotton, modal, viscose.