Experimental Investigation of Wear Behavior and Micro Structural Properties of ECAP Processed Aluminium 6082

  • T.Krishnaiah, M. Tharun Kumar Reddy, P. Chinna Sreenivas Rao, R. Venkat Reddy


There has been a considerable advancement in engineering applications. These applications require advanced materials to meet the desired goals. Among these materials, alloys play a significant role as they are easily manufactured and are cost effective. In the present study Al 6082 is passed through ECAP and the properties of alloy are compared to that of monolithic alloy. ECAP stands for Equal Channel Angular Pressing, in which the alloy is processed in series of passes. Through each pass the alloy is passed through an angular channel resulting in altering the grain size which results in change of properties of the alloy. Wear test is performed on the processed alloy and on ECAPed processed alloy to investigate wear behavior. Microstructures of the alloys that went through different passes of ECAP is also observed using Scanning Electron Microscopy. These observations are discussed and relevant conclusions are drawn, the reasons for the change in properties are analyzed and detailed graphs are projected to observe the variations in wear behavior.

Keywords- Al 6082, ECAP, Wear, Microstructure, Brinell hardness.