Synergia Optics in Business Management – Visual Indigenization (A Social Scientific Approach)

  • Mr. Varun Gururaj, Dr Madhu Kumar. K


it refers to characterizing a situation within which someone or a corporation worries about the general public perception of a choice that quotes the substance of the choice itself. The foremost aim of the study is to conduct research on examining the varied possibilities across business sectors like investment, management, planning, marketing research, tools and analytics, trends, products, services, prices, niches, business instruments, performance reports, networks and mediums which focuses on the full set of higher cognitive process that subsequently determines the general stature of companies and organizations. This study is an empirical approach on using conventional and unconventional methods to grasp the predilection of social media marketing and consumer behavior with the elevation of technology.
Keywords- Synergy, Optics in Business Management, Visual Indigenization, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Perception, Higher Cognitive Process