Parameters affecting Squeeze Casting of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites- A Review

  • Madki Santosh Jaykumar, Dr. Vishaldatt V. Kohir


Squeeze casting is a process by which molten metal is solidified under applied pressure that is maintained until the end of solidification. There are various parameters which affect the mechanical property of the casting manufactured by squeeze casting. The major parameters considered in this paper are squeeze pressure, reinforcement and die temperature. The higher the squeeze pressure, the higher the tensile strength and lesser the porosity and shrinkage was observed. The optimum pressure focusing tensile strength was observed to be 100 Mpa. But for better machining of MMCs, review shows low squeeze pressure (quantity) is to be preferred as it yields into coarse grain structure. The greater the amount of reinforcement, the harder the MMCs but it results in shorter chip lengths in machining enhancing the surface finish. The die temperature in most of the experiments was kept constant and in the range of 150 to 2500C. The die temperature affects greatly while pouring molten matrix and results in high heat transfer coefficient. This in turn affects microstructure. The quicker heat transfer from the mould results in a finer grain structure.

Keywords-Squeeze Casting, Squeeze Pressure, Reinforcement, Die Temperature